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Welcome to the Pheasant Creek Homeowners Association website!

Board of Directors meetings are held the last Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Bear Creek Evangelical Church located across Kipling from the community at 3101 S. Kipling St., Lakewood, CO in Adult Room #1 on the lower level. Homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. There is a homeowner's forum held at the beginning of every meeting.


JUST A REMINDER.........Common areas are for the enjoyment of all our residents.

Be considerate of all your fellow homeowners. Keep noise to a minimum, watch over your pets and pick up their litter and your own. Park in your own spot or one of the unmarked guest spaces. Abandoned or unlicensed cars will be towed at the owners expense. Since this is a community for all, auto repair projects are not permitted. Make sure you clean up after your pets in the common areas and especially in your backyards.

Clean up after your kids! We know the kids in the community love to play outside, but please remember to clean up their candy wrappers, cups, toys, bicycles, etc.



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